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Who We Are

A Complete Toronto SEO Solution

Our team of SEO specialists have years of experience in the industry, following each and every algorithm update for Google such as BERT, Penguin, and Panda. Our rankings continue to hold for our clients.

Since 2011, our agency has been delivering premium SEO services to our Toronto clients. We are experts in digital marketing with expertise in SEO and website development. The services we offer are fully compliant with Google’s Broad Core Algorithm.

Our Objective

Our Toronto SEO team’s main objective is to help your company gain as many sales leads as possible for every dollar you invest into digital marketing. We work on improving results in major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Our Strategies

Our SEO strategies are the best in the business in helping our clients expand their companies. Hundreds of our clients in Canada and the USA achieved success by using our proven SEO techniques. The quality of the results is second to none.

Our Mission

Our efforts are focused on high-quality SEO with the mission to maximize the number of sales leads generated for each dollar you spend with us.

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SEO Services In Toronto

The fact that you found this SEO page means that you probably searched Google for Toronto SEO. You found this website because we apply the same strategy that we promote to our clients. We understand what factors Google uses in ranking websites. We tweak our SEO strategy every month, which consistently earned us the #1 ranking position on Google. We can do the same for your company.

SEO and Maximizing Your Return On Investment

How does one get the worst returns on investment? It is when an agency underquotes a client for SEO services. SEO is fluid, and competition is fierce. It is not enough to reach the #1 spot for a day or even a week. It is about maintaining that position.

What if there are other companies ahead of you right now? That means you have to run faster. Running at the rate at which you were going will not help you catch up to them, let alone surpass them.

Our many years of reverse engineering based on trials and errors, we gained invaluable insight and experience. You cannot learn this from an online course or an SEO app that you can just apply. It took years of experience for our team to gain this wisdom, and we are ready to share it with you.

Look at it from this perspective: A full-time SEO expert employed by your company would command a salary of around $120,000, a salary that you are probably not willing to pay. So, if you are offered an entire team of SEO experts who are devoted to your business success, paying $12,000+ for their collective expertise does not sound all that high.

Steps To Improve Your Google Ranking

From the very start, we made a decision to be the best in the industry. We made a commitment to use our collective talents to create a business based on our values and our principles. We developed our structure, our processes, and our very own digital marketing strategies. The culture that we created in-house allowed these actions to take form.

What Does SEO Mean?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. However, what is that exactly? What does it involve? Simply put, SEO is a way to organically boost your website’s rank in Google’s search results. It is a way to bring in more traffic to your website. Organic traffic means that you did not have to resort to artificial methods like pay-per-click ads in order to bring in more traffic to your website. In SEO, effective strategies can help you accomplish the goals mentioned above. Some of these strategies include keeping a strong presence on various social media platforms and creating website content that includes keywords that are used in your industry. Search engine algorithms change all the time. Therefore, it is important to be flexible in your SEO strategy so your plan remains effective.

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What is the cost of SEO?

Before we can answer this question, we will have to learn more about your company. However, we can give you an opinion based on our more than 10 years of experience analyzing SEO campaigns in the thousands. Most campaigns failed because the client did not correctly assess the quantity of work needed to generate good results and a healthy ROI.

Our SEO packages start at $1000 a month and can go up to $10,000 a month without the need for a contract.

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How much time does SEO require?

The answer to this question relies on where your business is today, the SEO strategy that was used in the past, and where your competitors are. In general, a website that was ranked on the second page of search results can expect to move to the first page within three months. If your website is brand new, it might take six months or more just to get placed on the first page of search results using popular keywords.

As your rank improves, you will see an increase in your traffic and your leads. When your website reaches the first half of search results on the first page, your efforts have paid off.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Strategy includes

On-page Optimization

We begin by structuring your website exactly how Google best practices specified. This will ensure that your online presence is well accepted by major Search engines. With a proper structure, the techniques and practices we perform further down the line will function better.

Content Creation

We will take the time to examine your audience and craft exquisite content that they will find valuable and engaging. This increases your rankings and ensures that news of your brand is spread far and wide.

Off-site And Link Building

We focus on collecting the highest-rated backlinks from the most effective locations. You will see the difference as the quality of your visitors improves and you begin attracting the crowd with the capacity for conversions. The results will be an online presence that encourages greater SEO success and explodes with new rankings it has not enjoyed before.

Mobile Optimization

BTmarketing fully understands the need for your clients to find your products, services and message no matter where they are or what device they are using. This means that improving your mobile compatibility will be high on your priority list. Google thinks that this is so important that it has even made it a ranking factor in the algorithms they use to provide results to their users.

What is the return on investments on SEO?

The return is a lot more than what you would expect. Some of our clients were able to increase their sales online by 1,000 percent in just 16 months. That is an ROI of more than 20 times. However, the true measure in SEO is whether the increase in traffic and the number of leads that you generated are sustainable.

Here is an example: a client from Toronto, who is a plumber, implemented an SEO campaign for 12 months. For the next year after the completion of the campaign, our SEO experts expected the business to get a return of 25X of their investments in profits. However, the business actually had a return of 50X during the following 12 months.

2 Major Factors of SEO
( on-page SEO & off-page SEO )

On-Page SEO

On-page is the structure of your website and it needs to be built by the way Google and other major search engines will like it.

Your search engine results will consist off:

Complete Website Audit – Before we kick off the core of your SEO campaign, we run an in-depth SEO audit to better understand the state of your website. This includes a technical audit, an on-page audit, and a backlink audit. We will showcase the key issues on your website with the best actions to move forward. Our SEO process is very specific we never compromise on these first steps before kick-off an online marketing campaign.

Keywords: Relevant keywords are how Google knows what your website is about. SEO experts will do keyword research in order to discover which keywords are worth for your business compare to your competitors and choose the best keywords that will make you the most money.

User Experience: Your website needs to be fast and easy to navigate. Google likes fast and easy websites. Search engines will also give your website a priority if it sees that your website is user-friendly.

Content optimization: Long gone are the days where you simply add keywords to pages to achieve rankings. We focus on topic optimization and understanding user intent to achieve a competitive advantage over your competitor’s content. Search engine optimization is about giving the people who are searching for what they need.

Off-Page SEO

One of the most powerful signals for Google is Off-Page SEO. Off-page SEO gives Google signals from other websites on the web that are pointing back to your own website. Search engines give your website more authority when your website is linked to the right sites. For example a local auto repair shop, Google will check local directories for information about your website and when the data is accurate, your website gains a boost of authority. Many SEO service providers skip the Off-page SEO part because it is one of the most complex things to do when it comes to a search engine optimization campaign.

Links: Links are one of the most important signals when it to comes getting your website to the top spot on Google. Yes, everyone can do links and save some money but it’s not about the quantity of the links but is about the quality. It is very easy to get spammy links but hard to get quality and relevant backlinks to your website.

Social Media: Attention and engagement from followers on social media is a major SEO signal these days. The more engagement you have on your social media, the better for your brand.

Local Map: Local maps are one of the most powerful tools to get quality leads and calls directly to your website and your phone these days. Everyone will take a look at the maps first because the most credible businesses are appearing at the top results and people will always hire a reputable and known company first. Local maps SEO became big in the last few years so don’t miss out and leave quality leads on the table.

Why Partner With BTmarktinig?

At BTmarketing, we have taken the time to hone our crafted search engine optimization strategies and are proud of our long list of satisfied customers. We are here to offer results, if you are looking for an SEO company that knows how to deliver, contact us at (647) 330-0793 and arrange for your FREE SEO analysis.

  • No contracts required ( minimum campaign budget $1000 )
  • No involvement is required on your part, we do everything for you
  • Our techniques and results are proven
  • We work with small, medium, and large businesses
  • Local SEO and nationwide SEO campaigns
  • Monthly reporting and fully transparent work ethics.

Can you boost my business to #1 on Google?

Our SEO experts will boost your business to the highest possible rank in your market and bring in a stream of organic traffic. Based on what we have learned over the past 10 years of SEO work, it is better to concentrate on boosting your rank for the appropriate keywords instead of just focusing on #1. If it is possible to help gain the #1 position for the right keywords, we will do everything within our power to help you reach it.

If I stop optimizing for search engines, will my rank drop?

Think of SEO as working out at the gym. If you exercise for a year, you will get into shape. If you have to stop working out for a few months, you will still be fairly decent shape. However, if you don’t exercise again, your results will disappear, and you will need to get back to the gym again.

SEO works in a similar way. The results we achieve is long term and permanent. However, over time, your competitors will catch up and surpass you. If this occurs after the end of your campaign, just call us, and our team of SEO experts will walk you through the way that we will fix it.

My previous experience with SEO was not effective; what makes you different?

Your SEO might have failed because of one of the following reasons:

  • The company that you worked with scammed you. Unfortunately, in the world of SEO, there are lots of scammers. We are very sorry if you lost money because of them. Preventing unethical agencies like those is one reason why our company is so passionate about authentic search engine optimization.
  • You were using a website developer or marketing agency, and not an SEO company. SEO is a very specialized subset of web development. It requires specialized skills and knowledge. It requires attention to detail. It is something that not very many people excel in. Many web design companies offer “SEO” among their services. However, they do not have in-depth experience in SEO. Their talent lies in designing websites, but that does not translate into SEO skills.
  • Your former SEO agency was clueless about what they were doing. This actually happens a lot. Many people think that they can learn SEO by reading an e-book or by watching a few videos on Youtube. Armed with this little bit of knowledge, some of them thought that would qualify them to give SEO advice to clients, so they start an SEO company. They sold their services to clients, convincing them that they knew what they were doing, but they really had no clue. SEO is a skill that requires decades of experience to master. Using an SEO service that has no depth of experience will not produce good results for you.
  • Your company did not invest enough into SEO. An investment of a few hundred dollars a month is really not enough for an effective campaign. Your campaign might not have been aggressive enough or have the required resources. So, your competition was able to pull ahead of you.

Our SEO experts can identify the key points in your former campaign that did not work. Our team will look at your website’s analytics and compare them with your competitors. Talk to us about why you think your SEO approach did not work in the past.

What Do We Do To Get Started?

We realize that you are occupied with running your business, so our team has simplified the steps you need to take to get started.

  • Call us for a free consultation
  • We will talk about what you want and how much you are planning to invest.

We will send you a questionnaire that will take you about 15 minutes to complete. After that is done, our SEO team will take over and handle all issues related to SEO. You can just leave it to us.

Are PPC services included?

We do not offer PPC services because we only focus on organic methods of traffic generation. We would be glad to explain how organic traffic can benefit your business.

What kind of report will I get?

We will provide you with a ranking report which describes the progress of your website in the monthly Google SERP results. This offers you proof that even though you might not see an immediate boost in your business during the first few months of your SEO campaign, progress is still being made in the background every week. Before long, you will reach the goal that you have strived for.

Does your SEO service come with any guarantees?

Nobody can guarantee that your website will reach #1 on Google.

A lot of SEO agencies might offer that guarantee, but the ultimate decision lies with Google. No business gets special treatment from Google in terms of ranking. So, there is a strong connection between promising highest ranks and unscrupulous SEO agencies, and it is best to ignore them altogether.

The promise that our team makes is to work as hard as we can to get you to the rank position that your business deserves.

Has SEO died off?

SEO is still alive, but certain elements have died off or transformed into something else. So, that means SEO strategies that are outdated can work in reverse and throw your business to the bottom of the ranks.

If you want the very best in the SEO business, call us today! Our team of SEO experts looks forward to working with you to help you get more organic traffic and boost your company to success.