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High Park is an amazing place in Toronto to visit



High Park is a Toronto municipal park, Canada. High Park is a mix of natural and recreational parks. It includes educational facilities, sporting facilities, cultural and educational facilities, gardens and playgrounds, as well as a zoo. The park’s third is left in its natural state with an oak savanna ecosystem. High Park opened to the public in 1876. It was created from land donated by John George Howard to Toronto. It covers 161 hectares, making it the second-largest Toronto municipal park after Centennial Park. High Park is located west of downtown Toronto, just north of Humber Bay. It is maintained by The City of Toronto. It runs south from Bloor Street West down to The Queensway just north of Lake Ontario. It is bordered on the west by Ellis Park Road, Grenadier Pond, and Parkside Drive. Visit  for more details about High Park.


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