Challenges before using BTmarketing’s SEO Services

One of our home improvement clients recently came to us with a specific business challenge. They were struggling to increase their online visibility and generate organic traffic to their website. They knew that SEO was the answer to their problem, but they didn’t have the necessary expertise to manage their website’s optimization.

Before they reached out to us, they had already tried a variety of tactics to improve their SEO, including writing blog posts, using keywords, and optimizing their meta descriptions. However, they weren’t seeing any significant improvements in their website’s search engine rankings.

One of the primary challenges our client faced was a highly competitive industry. There were numerous other companies offering similar home improvement services, and our client was finding it challenging to differentiate themselves and stand out in such a crowded market.

Additionally, they were struggling to identify which keywords to target to attract potential customers to their website. They weren’t sure which search terms were most relevant to their industry, and as a result, they were not attracting the right kind of traffic to their site.

Furthermore, our client’s website had many technical issues that were significantly affecting their search engine rankings. Their website was slow and not mobile-friendly, and there was no clear hierarchy of content on the site. This lack of structure made it challenging for search engines to crawl and index their website, severely limiting their online visibility.

To address these challenges, our team at BTmarketing developed a customized SEO strategy tailored to our client’s specific needs. We conducted extensive research to identify relevant keywords and optimized their website to improve its overall structure and usability. We also implemented a comprehensive backlink strategy to improve their website’s authority and credibility.

As a result of our services, our client’s search engine rankings improved significantly, and they started seeing a steady flow of organic traffic to their website. This increase in visibility allowed them to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive home improvement industry, and they saw a marked improvement in their online leads and conversions.

Overall, our collaboration with this home improvement client was a success, and our SEO services provided them with the necessary expertise and assistance to overcome their previous challenges. At BTmarketing, we remain committed to providing high-quality SEO services to help businesses of all kinds achieve their online goals.


We at BTmarketing took up his situation as a challenge and created an effective approach to fulfilling his needs. Our approach was divided into three phases.

Phase 1

The first phase was to identify the keywords that are specifically searched by the customers. Our SEO professionals analyzed the search behavior of the customers and found relevant keywords that are frequently searched in the industry.

Phase 2

The second phase was to optimize the website by placing these keywords on the website’s web pages and creating new web pages that utilized these relevant keywords. These measures helped to increase the website’s relevance concerning the customer’s search queries.

Phase 3

The third phase was to build links from credible websites to our client’s website, building online authority and increasing the website’s relevance. We also used other advanced techniques to improve the website’s online presence, such as enhancing meta tags, optimizing the URL structure, and optimizing image tags.


  • 716%

    Increase in Organic Transactions

  • 516%

    Increase in Organic Traffic

  • 917%

    Increase in Organic Ranking

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